Family Fun Activities in Chinatown Street Market

Venue: Chinatown Street Market Dates: Selected Dates Admission: Free, fees apply for workshops As the June school holidays approach, families planning activities should consider heading to Chinatown Street Market where they will find a wide range of fun, exciting and unique activities designed to cater to families seeking outdoor and cultural experiences. While strolling along the streets, don't miss the chance to experience the nostalgic old school swings, with heritage themed decorations. This unique pop-up play activity allows families to relive the pure and exhilarating joy of swinging, reminiscent of simpler times. Chinatown Business Association offers weekly cultural and cooking workshop activities, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in its vibrant culture. Some of the upcoming workshops include
  • Hakka Heritage Food Shui Ban Workshop on 27th May: Delve into the secrets of Hakka cuisine and experience the unique flavors in this engaging workshop.
  • Popiah Making Workshop with Kway Guan Huat Joochiat Popiah on 4th June: Learn the art of crafting traditional popiah, guided by the expertise of renowned Kway Guan Huat Joochiat Popiah.
  • Handcraft a Healthy Chocolate Bar Workshop on June 17: Unleash your creativity as you create a delectable and nutritious chocolate bar in this interactive workshop, guided by CHOCOELF.
  • Osmanthus Red Dates Chang Workshop on 24th June: Discover the traditional techniques of making Osmanthus Red Dates Chang, a delightful sticky rice dumpling, in this hands-on workshop.


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