CBA Membership

Ordinary Members

To join CBA as an Ordinary Member, your organization must have a stake in Chinatown, i.e., you own a property in Chinatown or you have a place of business, office or other premises in Chinatown. An Ordinary Member has voting rights at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and can be elected to the CBA Executive Committee.

  • Retail / F&B / Hotel / Service Fee: $65.40
  • Member of Other Hawker Associations Fee: $65.40
  • Non-Profit Organisation / Religious Organisation / Clan & Association Fee: $65.40
  • Office Fee: $65.40
  • Property Owner Fee: $65.40
  • All fees indicated include prevailing GST.

Associate Member

If your organisation does not have a stake in Chinatown but you are still interested in joining CBA, you may join us as an Associate Member. Associate Members can attend our AGM but do not have voting rights. You will also not be eligible for election into the Executive Committee.

  • Annual Membership Fee: Free


To apply, click here to download the application form. For any enquiries, please contact Chinatown Business Association.
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