Traditional Superfoods for Modern Wellness: A Sip of Heritage with Rice Wines


08 June - 08 June 2024


2:00pm - 5pm


Chinatown Visitor Centre Singapore 059190

Nearest MRT

Chinatown/ Maxwell MRT Station

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Step into a holistic world where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness with our workshop, as we explore the Traditional Chinese Medicine benefits of rice wine. We will share about the history, culture, and the art of fermentation that transforms rice into a culinary staple as well as a healthful elixir, rich in probiotics and antioxidants. As we take you on this journey, you will also savor the different varieties of rice wine and learn how to make a classic rice wine dessert. You will also away with a bottle of heritage rice wine to elevate your meals and start your wellness journey. Join us as we unlock the secrets of these superfoods, bridging the gap between ancient remedies and modern wellness practices. *Minimum 12 pax to go. Visit Ye Traditions website for more information:




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