Rice Dumpling Sachet Workshop


26 May - 26 May 2024


12pm - 4pm


Chinatown Visitor Centre Singapore 059190

Nearest MRT

Chinatown/ Maxwell MRT Station

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Explore the cherished tradition of adorning children with sachets during the Dragon Boat Festival. Sachets,those little bags crafted from colorful silk cloth, brimming with the scents of perfumes or herbal medicines, and delicately strung with silk thread, hold within them the power to ward off evil. Imagine the joy of making your own sachet in the shape of a rice dumpling, imbued with the warmth of Moxa Floss. In this two-hour immersive workshop, you'll get hands-on experience as you stitch together your own talisman of protection. Join us for an unforgettable journey into tradition and creativity. *Open to adults and children above 12 years old




Chinatown Business Association

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