Explore Singapore on foot for free

Take a walk around Singapore, and open your eyes to the cultures, nature, artistry and modernity contained in our lively metropolis. If you’d like to walk in the shoes of a local artist or devotee, join one of these recommended free walking tours, whose guides will reveal to you the diversity of the Singaporean tapestry.

Free Walking Tour: Little India
Tour operator: Monster Day Tours

Walk in the shoes of the early settlers in Singapore. Admire intricate places of worship like Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and Shree Lakshminarayan temple—built by Singapore’s indefatigable pioneers. Then, proceed to colourful landmarks like Haniffa Textiles on Serangoon Road, and the century-old former house of successful businessman Tan Teng Niah, whose stories you can hear from knowledgeable tour guides. Indulge in traditional Indian cuisine afterwards, such as richly spiced and colourful briyani (an Indian spiced rice dish with meat or vegetables) topped with papadum, an Indian crispy cracker.

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Free Walking Tour: Chinatown
Tour operator: Monster Day Tours

Mingle with Singapore’s Chinese diaspora at landmarks like Fuk Tak Chi Museum, which was once the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore, and Thian Hock Keng, the oldest Hokkien temple in Singapore. Visit Chinese places of worship, such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum and Chinatown Complex, to learn more about this group of migrant people. Enjoy a wide variety of local dishes like barbecued stingray and oyster omelette at Chinatown Food Street, which gives diners a semblance of what early Singapore’s street hawker stalls looked like. Keep a lookout for Sago Lane—once called ‘the street of the dead’ for its many funeral parlours, this area has evolved into a bustling lane of modern and traditional eateries.

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Kampong Wednesdays
Tour operator: Indie Singapore

Walk through the old palace grounds of the former local sultan and admire the many murals that embellish Kampong Gelam. Gain knowledge from native guides of how Kampong Gelam, one of the island’s first settlements, transformed in recent years from a sleepy town to an epicentre of independent retail and gregarious revelry.

Kampong Gelam is a great place for witnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of both traditional family businesses and indie boutiques. In between checkpoints, sip on traditionally brewed tea or coffee brewed at modern roasters in this neighbourhood.

Immerse yourself in this heritage precinct’s unique blend of traditional arts and modern culture, and learn how the various ethnic groups of Kampong Gelam contributed to the construction of Sultan Mosque. You can also enjoy arts performances at Aliwal Arts Centre, or watch local musicians at various bars in the area.

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Riverfront Thursdays
Tour operator: Indie Singapore

Guides of this tour expound on the lives of Singapore’s early settlers, and take participants through landmarks that once played important roles in these migrants’ daily lives. Admire the river’s carefully preserved shophouses, the contemporary sculptures that decorate the vicinity, and the lively bars and eateries that now populate it.

Learn about the different bridges, named after historical figures that visited this ancient port of call, and marvel at the spectacular vistas of the financial district and Marina Bay Sands® at sunset.

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Signature All-In-One Tour
Tour operator: Sneak Peek Singapore

Stroll around the historical neighbourhoods and modern financial districts of central Singapore as Sneak Peek Singapore’s guides impart the history of our nation’s evolution. Snacks will be provided for participants of this tour, but feel free to feast on local treats at Maxwell Food Centre and Chinatown Food Street along the way.

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Bukit Brown Walking Tours
Tour operator: All things Bukit Brown

See the tombs of Singapore’s founding fathers before Bukit Brown is razed to make way for a new highway. Ardent explorers can discover this ancient cemetery’s rich history and iconic sculptures, along with the area’s diverse array of flora and fauna. In this tranquil setting, learn about the significance of each grave, as well as the contributions of the pioneers that they honour.

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Sungei Buloh Wetland Guided Walks
Tour operator: National Parks

In the north-western corner of Singapore lies a diverse and untouched swamp. If you’d like to become a naturalist, acquire knowledge about the rainforest from the experienced staff of the National Parks Board and take pictures of the many species that reside within Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Alternatively, soak in the serenity and get up close with nature when you venture through heritage sites like MacRitchie Reservoir and Singapore Botanic Gardens, which played significant roles in World War II and the Japanese Occupation.

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Credits: https://www.visitsingapore.com/editorials/free-walking-tours/

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