10 Hidden Food Finds

1. Bugis 102 Roasted Chestnut

One of the last few stalls standing, this roasted chestnut upholds the tradition in the streets. Get your smokey roasted chestnut fix today!

📍 Trengganu Street, F&B Stall No. 1
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2. Really Something

Bringing traditional Taiwanese delights to all Singaporeans - get a taste of their Chicken Chop Fried Rice!

📍 Chinatown Complex #02-207

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3. Indo Sumatera

With a rich history of 20 years, satisfy yourself with hot piping Putu Bambu over here! Using only fresh and best ingredients, Aunty Lisma brings out the freshest flavours in this simple dish.

📍 Trengganu Street, F&B Stall No. 2
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4. 115 Tang Shui

Enjoy a medley of flavours with Tommy's rendition of traditional sweet desserts, with fresh ingredients grounded every morning!

📍 Chinatown Complex #02-206
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5. Monan

Run by husband -wife duo Chuk and Kim, Monan's signature Vietnamese-influenced dishes included egg sausage with pig organ soup!

📍 Chinatown Complex #02-137
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6. Hakka Fun

Haven fun tasting the mix of Hakka flavours in a bowl of Lei Cha or their homemade Hakka-style Yong Tou Foo!

📍Chinatown Complex #02-123
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7. Sawasdee Thai Food

This family-run restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine in Chinatown, bringing yummy and savory Thai flavours to all Singaporeans.

📍6 Trengganu Street
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8. Hu Zhen Long

Hu Zhen Long's 100% pure sesame oil and traditional taste Bakkwa are their most sought after products and have been popular through 3 generations of Singaporeans.

📍 14 Sago Street
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9. Yum Cha

A heritage brand, Yum Cha prepares their large variety of dim sum daily, using only all-natural quality ingredients.

📍 20 Trengganu Street #02-01
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10. Hong Yuen Food Street

Get a taste of Singapore's vibrant food culture at one spot, including a wide variety of baos and dim sum.

📍Trengganu Street, F&B No. 4-9
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