Bugis 102 Roasted Chestnut


F&B 01, Terengganu Street Singapore 058943

Opening Hours

Mon-Sun: 12:00-20:00


Local Delights

Nearest MRT

Chinatown MRT Station


Uncle Ah Orh has been selling roasted chestnuts since the 1970s (that's nearly 50 years ago). Selling chestnuts is a dying trade as it's alot of hard work and it isn't very lucrative. Bugis 102 Roasted Chestnut started from an unlicensed push cart stall at old Bugis Street, the infamous wild entertainment hub of old Singapore. Uncle Ah Orh moved to Chinatown after Bugis Street was redeveloped.

The raw chestnuts imported from China are roasted with sugar at 300℃ in coarse sand in a gas fired drum. Uncle Ah Orh used to turn the chestnuts in the hot sand but now it's done with a motorised stirrer.