The Path Mural by Tom Civil


335 Smith Street, Chinatown Complex, Singapore 050335

Opening Hours


Nearest MRT

Chinatown MRT Station


This mural shows the path of life and how we find ourselves within it. Tom Civil hopes people can maybe identify with a character in the story of the mural. He also likes that people can make their own story of what the mural is trying to say – is it a parade, a race, a migration, or just a path with people walking in the same direction.

Tom chose the red, yellow and gold to link into the colours of Chinatown. There is also the lone ‘spirit’ within the mural with the circle of dots around them. I have my own story connected to this character, but again I like that the viewer can make their own story around this symbology. Is this character meant to represent the viewer or artist telling the story, a spirit ancestor, an aura, a leader, or something else?


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