Old Trades Mural


3 Mohammed Ali Lane, Singapore 068980

Opening Hours


Nearest MRT

Chinatown MRT Station


Along Mohammed Ali Lane, you’ll spot another snapshot of history—a quirky scene of Singapore’s street vendors from our early years of independence in the 1960s. To gain insights into our city’s yesteryears, observe the detailed renderings of old-school goodies in the Mamak Store (provisions stall). A few steps away, a craftsman presents an amusing assortment of masks and toys, while Samsui women (female migrant workers from Sansui District, China, known for their iconic red headscarves) watch from the sidewalk. The mural also depicts a craftsman making a lion dance head, the mural is based off the actual shop at No. 3 Ann Siang Hill in the 1980s.


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