Popiah Making Workshop with Kway Guan Huat Joochiat Popiah


4 June 2023




2 Banda Street, Chinatown Visitor Centre Singapore 059962

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Chinatown/Maxwell MRT Station

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Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah is an 82-year-old family food business that has won numerous accolades including the recent Stewards of Singapore’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Award. Michael will be sharing his knowledge on the origins of popiah. More than just a dish, making and enjoying Popiah as a family during important Chinese festivals such as Qing Ming is a time of bonding and showing filial piety. Patrons will come to understand the struggles and hardships that our forefathers had endured through plying their trade as street hawkers in the early days. "Skin-making Demonstration" - Watch Michael twirl the dough expertly and create the familiar popiah skin out of a lob of dough with artisanal skill. "Interactive Activities" - The workshop will feature traditional dough and skin making, with special highlights on how traditional techniques that has evolved to accommodate the changing times. We hope to correct the misconception that old trades are ‘mundane’ or monotonous. Innovation and protecting traditional crafts are not mutually exclusive. We have also transformed our 8 decades old business to cater for busier modern families, introduced new products and packaging as well as maintaining an online presence to increase accessibility to customers. Participants can try their hands at mixing our modified ‘playdough’ using traditional techniques and even twirl a blob of ‘playdough’ in their hands like popiah masters. "Popiah Wrapping Competition" - Participants can have fun enjoying and wrapping their own popiah rolls, a small prize will also be presented to the person with the "best wrapped popiah roll".




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