Cantonese Put Chai Ko Making




2:00 PM - 6:00 PM


2 Banda Street Chinatown Visitor Centre Singapore 059962

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Maxwell/ Chinatown MRT Station

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Use promo code PCK20 and enjoy a 20% Early Bird discount, valid until 25 Feb 2024 Put Chai Ko, also known as red bean sweet rice pudding, is a traditional Cantonese dessert that has found its way into Singapore's rich tapestry of culinary traditions. This dessert, made from glutinous rice flour, red beans, and often sweetened with sugar and enhanced with coconut milk, is not only a testament to the culinary skills inherited from ancestors but also a reflection of Singapore's multicultural heritage. In a rapidly modernizing society, traditional recipes like Put Chai Ko serve as tangible connections to the past. They carry stories, techniques, and flavors that have been passed down through generations. Making such traditional dishes helps to uphold and perpetuate these culinary traditions, ensuring they are not lost to time. The process of making Put Chai Ko involves specific techniques in handling glutinous rice flour and balancing flavors. It is an educational journey that teaches patience, precision, and the importance of tradition in cooking. These skills are valuable not only for personal development but also for keeping the culinary arts alive. *Tickets sold are non-refundable




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