Peng Cheng Xiao Chu 彭城小厨


45 Temple Street, Singapore 058590

Opening Hours

Mon-Sun: 11:00-23:30



Nearest MRT

Chinatown MRT Station


Peng Cheng Xiao Chu serves up a classic range of Chinese fare, emphasising on dishes from the ancient city of Peng Cheng, now known as Xuzhou. As you enter the eatery, you'll be greeted by lanterns, murals, and furnishings that pay homage to tradition. The menu boasts an extensive array of small plates, claypot and ground pot dishes, hot plates, noodles, and more. Favourites include the Ground Pot Chicken — tender, braised chicken surrounded by flour cakes to help soak up all the savoury sauce — and the Claypot Braised Pork with its succulent slices of pork belly.


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