Where To Shop For Handicrafts In Chinatown Singapore

Handicraft shops in Chinatown Singapore offer tourists, locals, and visitors a unique shopping experience that you just don't compare. With the variety of traditional and modern art supplies and crafts stores here offer, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Aside from that, you'll also find a handful of stores selling handicrafts that range from colourful hand-woven baskets to intricate, handmade embroidery. 


By the end of your trip, you'll likely have a suitcase full of art materials and handicrafts to bring back home and enjoy using! You can use these craft supplies to make homemade presents or share them with your art friends! 


Check out these craft stores and handicraft shops in Chinatown Singapore!



7 Handicraft And Craft Stores In Chinatown Singapore

Handicraft shops in Chinatown Singapore are known for selling one-of-a-kind items that make for the perfect shopping experience. From unique vintage pieces to handmade souvenirs, you can choose from plenty of options. Here are some of the best handicraft and craft stores in Chinatown Singapore!



AK Handicrafts

AK Handicrafts, known as Kathmandu SG, sells handmade authentic Nepalese products. It has a great selection of high-quality items perfect for personal use and gifts. From masks to clothing, you'll definitely find something special here!


Make sure to browse their wholesale collection of colourful tops and bottoms paired perfectly with other clothing pieces like traditional Nepalese hats and scarves. Tourists can also find other handcrafted items like backpacks, skirts, and dresses. So no matter the type of fashion apparel you're looking for, AK Handicrafts is the place to go for those unique fashion finds.


AK Handicrafts

AK Handicrafts


Choo-P Leathercraft

Choo-P Leathercraft is one of the best places to purchase finely made leather items like wallets, pouches, belts, and accessories. Also, you can find tons of other authentic Italian leather goods in varying sizes. Located along Kreta Ayer Road, Choo-P Leathercraft is a 10-minute walk from Smith Street and the Chinatown Market. You will definitely notice this gem during your walking tour around the district!


Choo-P Leathercraft

Choo-P Leathercraft, image credit: choo-p-leathercraft.business.site



Da Wei Arts & Crafts Enterprises

Da Wei Arts & Crafts Enterprises is one of the best craft stores in Chinatown Singapore. Art lovers can find many craft supplies and materials here - from brushes and paints to paper, fabric, and other materials. What sets this shop apart is that you can also learn about traditional arts like Chinese calligraphy with the help of their knowledgeable staff. 


Da Wei Arts & Crafts also makes beautiful pictures and painting frames. So, if you are an artist looking for a beautiful way to display your work, this is the place to go for handmade and one-of-a-kind frames!


Da Wei Arts & Crafts Enterprises

Da Wei Arts & Crafts Enterprises, image credit: facebook.com/daweiarts


Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop

Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop specializes in selling handcrafted statues of Taoist deities. Collectors and believers alike can find any sized statues ranging from small statues for your shelf to more extravagant options for a garden or room in your home. Either way, you'll find one-of-a-kind crafted pieces that will add a unique and special touch to any space. In addition, the knowledgeable staff can teach you about Taoist beliefs and different ways to use the statues in your everyday life.



Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop

Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop, image credit: saytianhng.com



Peranakan Tiles Gallery

Peranakan Tiles Gallery keeps the art of Peranakan tiles alive with its collection of expertly crafted antique tiles and heirlooms. You can find tiles with intricate designs and vibrant colours to enhance the look of any room or patio. The gallery also offers restoration services for vintage pieces, so you can have your family heirlooms restored and be able to pass them down for generations to come. 


If you want to see how these beautiful tiles liven up a place, you can stop by a few old shophouses in the neighbourhood that have been decorated with this type of tile. Furthermore, the gallery's knowledgeable staff can teach you more about Peranakan culture and the uses for these tiles. They even have seminars to help you understand how to get the most out of your tile collection.



Peranakan Tiles Gallery

Peranakan Tiles Gallery



Barakkath Frame Maker

Barakkath Frame Maker has been passing down its expertise and craft throughout the generations to bring exquisitely crafted frames, mirrors, and glass handicrafts to Singapore's Chinatown. Their core services include canvas sketching, fine art framing, 3D box art framing, and mirror framing, making it the go-to shop for custom framing in the area.


They even provide a restoration service for antique frames and mirrors to give them a new lease of life. In addition, their team of experts is highly knowledgeable on all kinds of delicate artworks and how to display them creatively, making it ideal for art lovers!



Barakkath Frame Maker

Barakkath Frame Maker



Late Morning 

Located at 230 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058779, Late Morning is a brand that deeply values the sensory experience of everyday objects, placing a strong emphasis on touch, smell, and taste. Their carefully curated products are designed to transcend mere aesthetics, inspiring a lifestyle centered around unwinding and enjoyment. Embracing the imperfections of life, Late Morning stays true to authenticity rather than promoting an idealized image.


The brand offers a selection of tableware, vessels, and designer items, each personally sourced and meticulously chosen to reflect a unique lifestyle aesthetic suited for the complexities of modern life. Craftsmanship, colors, patterns, details, and durability are key criteria in the products they offer. Additionally, Late Morning features a quaint warehouse known as The Shed, which serves as a space for storing cherished objects and igniting creativity. Customers can engage with the brand at their boutique store or through various pop-up events, staying connected via Instagram for the latest updates.


Elegant Tableware Display at Late Morning

Elegant Tableware Display at Late Morning. Image credit: latemorning.com.sg



Other Places To Find The Best Craft Stores In Chinatown Singapore

Aside from popular shops in Chinatown Singapore, tourists and visitors should also check out shopping centres and markets to find more unique and wonderful handicrafts. These places meld together modern and traditional crafts and handicrafts, making them the ideal place for art lovers and crafty people!



People's Park Centre

The People's Park Centre is full of shops for shoppers to browse. Still, it's also a haven for those looking to buy crafts and handicraft items in Chinatown Singapore. Specifically, the People's Park Centre is home to a plethora of sewing supplies and fabric shops selling all manner of things that you can get for yourself or an art friend! Aside from that, you can browse the clothing stores nearby and even get in a great snack of fresh dim sum!


City Square Mall

City Square Mall is another art lover's paradise, with craft stores littered in and around the area. Here, you'll find art supplies like modelling clay, acrylic paints, canvases, and knitting. Visitors to City Square Mall can also enjoy shopping for clothes, accessories and electronics. It's worth a visit for those looking to purchase art-related items!


Chinatown Complex

Chinatown Complex is full of shophouses, stalls, and umbrella shops with handicrafts for visitors to browse. Moreover, a few craft shops along the streets sell traditional art supplies like calligraphy sets and fancy papers.



Chinatown Singapore: A Handicraft Haven 

Whether you are strolling the busy streets of Club Street and Temple Street or chilling in popular malls, Chinatown Singapore has plenty of craft shops and handicraft items to browse. You'll always find stalls selling handmade jewellery, traditional crafts like paper cutting and calligraphy sets, and unique souvenirs.



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