What To Eat In Chinatown Point

Chinatown Point at 133 New Bridge Road is known for being a historical precinct in Singapore with various cultures. Those looking to explore Singapore's history, heritage, and culture will find this a must-visit destination. As well as being steeped in history and culture, Chinatown Point also features a wide range of delicious food options.


So, after exploring the beautiful Buddhist temples and historically rich Hindu Mosques, visitors to Chinatown Point will not be short of choices when finding something delicious to eat. Whether guests are looking for traditional hawker fare or a more modern twist on the classic dishes, there is something here for everyone.


Here's what to Eat In Chinatown Point:

9 Must Try Dishes In Chinatown Point

Chinatown Point offers a wide range of food, from fusion dishes to classic street food. Visitors can sample everything that Chinatown food offers while exploring the varied heritage of Singaporean cuisine, all contently located at the Chinatown Point food centre. You don't have to walk far to taste many cultural dishes.


Take advantage of these Chinatown Point popular things to eat!


Dim Sum Dishes

There is no shortage of delicious dim sum dishes at Chinatown Point. Restaurants like DumPrince Dumpling House have a wide selection of dim sum dishes served with hearty broths, noodles, or as a side dish to your main meal. The DumPrince Dumpling House is best known for its Collagen Broth, but be sure to come early as these dishes often run out quickly!


DumPrince Dumpling House

DumPrince Dumpling House - image credit: chinatownpoint.com.sg


Chinatown Point also has tons of small stalls serving up xiao long bao, sweet custard buns, seafood, and meaty dim sum options that are sure to impress. Make sure to explore all the flavours and variations available. You'll also find a selection of traditional favourites.


For the ultimate dim sum experience, you can head to Yum Cha, a 4-minute walk from Chinatown point, for their Dim Sum Buffet every weekday from 3 PM to 6 PM. Come hungry and ready to stuff yourself with a delicious array of dim sum dishes that will leave you full to the brim!


Delicious dim sums at Yumcha

Delicious dim sums - image credit: yumcha.com.sg


Fresh Seafood

Part of what makes Singapore's Chinatown Point a must-try for local delights is the fresh seafood dishes that treat your taste buds. Start your seafood experience with the Chong Qing grilled fish, a spicy grilled fish fillet served with chillies and Sichuan Pickles. This dish is among the most popular choices among diners looking for unforgettable local cuisine.


The menu for seafood in Chinatown Point also includes delectable seafood dishes such as seafood tom yum soup and crispy fried fish with spicy tomato chutney. Of course, no seafood feast would be complete without a side of traditional chilli crab or black pepper crab.


Be sure to indulge in classic Singaporean dishes like the popular kangkong and chye sim vegetable stir-fry, as well as other delicious seafood delicacies such as steamed fish, grilled stingray and salted egg prawns.


Hawker Food Stalls

No food trip at Chinatown Point is complete without sampling hawker style dishes like pork, chicken and duck with steamy rice or fried noodles. These traditional dishes will tantalise your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

For a great hawker style food selection, head to Song Fa Bak Kut Teh for peppery-style soups, braised dishes, tea selections, and the all-time favourite side platters that go perfectly with any dish. Hawker centres are a staple of Singapore, and Chinatown Point offers a variety of local delights and dishes to try out.


Singapore’s darling - Bak Kut Teh

Singapore’s darling - Bak Kut Teh - image credit: chinatownpoint.com.sg


Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ restaurants are a rising trend, and Chinatown Point steers into the skid with its new restaurants offering delicious BBQ dishes like marinated beef, pork belly and chicken.

At restaurants like Danji Korean BBQ Buffet, visitors can enjoy traditional Korean-style marinated meats or customise their choices based on the meat selection available. BBQ lovers will also find the menu filled with side dishes that pair perfectly with their selection of seasoned and marinated meats.


Danji Korean BBQ - Chinatown Point

Danji Korean BBQ - Chinatown Point - image credit: Danji Korean BBQ


Hearty Soup Dishes

Hearty soup dishes like laksa, ramen, and tom yum can all be found in Chinatown Point. These classic and fusion soup dishes are the perfect way to warm up for dinner or make a meal with sides like seafood, noodles, and dumplings.


A steaming bowl of ramen

A steaming bowl of ramen


The restaurant in Chinatown Point offers nearly every type of soup dish from all over Asia. Some of the most popular dishes include Singapore Laksa, Thai Tom Yum Soup and Japanese Ramen. Each restaurant has unique recipes that make its soup dishes stand out. From traditional favourites to unique creations, there are enough soup dishes to choose from at Chinatown Point! So enjoy a delicious meal.

Savoury Curry Dishes

Chinatown Point is home to the Monster Curry restaurant, with a menu chock-full of savoury curry dishes. Whether it is the classic monster curry, meatball curry or chicken and veggie curry you prefer, there is something for everyone to enjoy. They also offer up kid's meals and vegan-friendly options.


Don't forget to add a side of their special monster sauce or homemade garlic bread! Other delights include fried chicken, tempura, and some delightful desserts like monster ice cream and pancakes.


Monster Curry (Chinatown Point)

Monster Curry (Chinatown Point) - image credit chinatownpoint.com.sg


Chicken And Noodle Dishes

There is no doubt that Singapore's fried chicken and noodle dishes are some of the best in the world. Chinatown Point offers various delicious dishes, including fried chicken with noodles, fried chicken with fried rice and fried chicken wings.

One of the stops to try is the Wok Hey restaurant, with a menu of delicious fried rice and noodle dishes topped with braised meats, grilled chicken, or seasoned prawns. While wandering Chinatown Point, you can taste the delicious smoky flavor that gives Wok Hey's dishes their distinctive character.


Wok Hey (Chinatown Point)

Wok Hey - image credit chinatownpoint.com.sg


Desserts And Bar Bites

Those looking for a quick bite can find it in Chinatown Point's dessert bars serving delicious mochi ice creams and decadent pastries. Two must-visits are Thye Moh Chan for its traditional handcrafted sweet buns and Châteraisé with its wide variety of packaged ice creams. Those with a sweet tooth will also find a great selection of cupcakes and milkshakes alongside speciality desserts like waffles, hot fudge sundaes and more.


Chateraise (Chinatown Point)

Châteraisé - image credit chinatownpoint.com.sg


Thick Toast And Bubble Tea

Thick toast and bubble tea make the perfect snack pairing and are ideal when looking for cheap food to munch on while exploring. Popular outlets such as KOI Cafe and Ten Ren Tea serve the perfect combination of thick toast with a fried egg or sweet jam and bubble tea with all sorts of flavour combinations. Aside from that, visitors to Chinatown Point can also mix and match their orders to come up with a personalised array of dishes, teas and side snacks to fill the day.

Koi Cafe (Chinatown Point)

Koi Cafe - image credit chinatownpoint.com.sg


Endless Food Options To Choose From 

Chinatown Point on New Bridge Road Singapore has many food options for you. Plus, if you are craving specific cuisines or tastes, you can take a quick stroll to other food destinations like Upper Cross Street or Smith Street. 

Chinatown MRT is also a 10-minute walk to other popular foodie stops, so it's easy to grab a train and explore more areas once you've had your fill! Check out the Chinatown Point Directory for a complete list of places to eat.


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