Visit Chinatown Or Bugis Street?

Bugis Street and Chinatown are two culturally vibrant spots in Singapore city that travellers, locals, and tourists often visit. They offer a variety of colourful and exciting activities, as well as exuberant night markets that are captivating and worth exploring. If you're wondering what activities and experiences await you on your visit, this guide is the perfect place to start.


Bugis Street is one of Singapore's most popular shopping destinations, known for its cheap and cheerful fashion. The street is also a great place to try delicious local food, like satay or chicken rice, and to soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the district.


There are loads of things to do on Bugis Street. Streets lined with stalls and shops sell everything from clothes and accessories to souvenirs and trinkets. Expect to bargain, so make sure you haggle for a reasonable price!


Let's get exploring the eight things to do in Bugis Street Singapore!


8 Exciting Things To Do On Bugis Street

Bugis street has hundreds of shops and even more people. There's a never-ending stream of people and the smell of satay in the air. Those looking to experience local life at its finest will find it on Bugis Street. The colourful shops and kiosks set up along Bugis street make for an exuberant night market, which is one of the main reasons why tourists flock here.

Make sure to explore these experiences and places at Bugis Street Singapore:


Shop At A Bargain At Bugis Night Market

The Bugis Street Market in Singapore is filled with small shops and vendors selling various items, from street food to fashion. Bargain hunters can find all manner of trinkets, clothing, souvenirs and more that are much cheaper than in the standard stores.


The Bugis Street Night Market is a bustling location filled with vibrant people and local culture that visitors will want to experience as part of their local life immersion in Singapore. Those looking for a quick pick-me-up can also find small nail and hair salons for a relaxing afternoon before heading back out into the busy streets to explore.


Bugis Street Market

Bugis Street Market - image credit:


Explore Museums And Libraries

The National Museum of Singapore, the National Library, and the Malay Heritage Centre are right around the corner from the famous Bugis Street Market. These three cultural institutions house some of Singapore's most fascinating and important collections, representing several cultures, eras, and backgrounds.

National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore, image credit:


Learn about Singapore's past through its artefacts at the National Museum or explore the Malay Heritage Centre to understand more about the region's rich heritage. The National Library is also an excellent spot for a peaceful afternoon, as it offers a wide selection of books, magazines, and periodicals.

National Library - Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

National Library / Lee Kong Chian Reference Library, image credit:


Take A Bumboat River Cruise And Trishaw Ride

Few things are more captivating than seeing Singapore's skyline from the water. A bumboat cruise along the Singapore River is an enjoyable way to do just that! The slow-moving boats offer sights of the cityscape, and the commentary will give you insight into Singapore's history. If you can, take the river cruise at night to experience the captivating Singapore Skyline for picture-perfect sceneries.


Bumboat River Cruise

Bumboat River Cruise, image credit:


The bumboat is a great way to explore some of Singapore's beautiful sights from another angle and unwind with a drink while you take in the views. It's an experience you won't soon forget! Travellers looking for a unique river experience should try a river cruise.

Afterwards, you can take a trishaw ride to explore Bugis Street and the surrounding area like a local! The brightly coloured trishaws make for an unforgettable sight as they hoot their way through Bugis St. Adding it all up, the river cruise and a trishaw ride offer immersive vehicles through the area reminiscent of Singaporean heritage and history.


Trishaw ride with Trishaw Uncle

Trishaw ride with Trishaw Uncle, image credit:


Sip On Cocktails And Enjoy The Night Time Street Theatre

The night scene in Bugis comes alive when the sun goes down. Stroll down the street for a night out filled with live music, theatre performances, buskers and more if you're looking for someplace to sit and enjoy the evening, head to one of the many bars that offer a wide array of drinks and cocktails. It's also a great spot to sit back and relax after a long day exploring Singapore.


During the Chinese New Year Period, those in the area will enjoy various street shows celebrating local heritage and tradition with lion dances, traditional fortune telling, and other performances. It's a great way to understand more about the culture and customs in Singapore!


Taste The Endless Food Options

Like the other cultural districts in Singapore, Bugis Street is the place to be when tasting local cuisines. While Singapore's Chinatown is ideal for its Hawker Chan's Michelin Star local Chinese restaurant and Little India for its street stalls and street food, Bugis Street food has vendors selling snacks like fish ball noodles, satay bee hoon, kway chap and lots more. Not to mention the abundance of street-style food that you can find here!


For those looking for something more substantial, head to one of the many nearby food stalls or street eateries. You'll find an array of local and international cuisine, from Chinese to Indian to Western, at affordable prices. Finally, check out the wet market right in Bugis Street's heart! Here you'll find a variety of fresh seafood and produce, perfect for preparing a delicious meal.

Bugis Food Street

Bugis Food Street, image credit:

See The Malay Cultural Centre

The Malay Heritage Centre is a great place to learn more about the culture of Singapore's largest ethnic minority. The centre houses various galleries and exhibitions showcasing the Malays' customs, practices, language and literature. Visitors can also witness spectacular performances, such as traditional dance shows or watch an informative film that documents the history and culture of this community. 


Malay Heritage Centre

Malay Heritage Centre, image credit:


Visit Bugis+

The Bugis+ is a beautiful building that stands out in the Bugis area. The unique architecture is sure to catch your eye! With its open-air courtyard and rooftop garden, it's an excellent spot for relaxing and enjoying the views of Singapore's skyline. 


Get close to nature by strolling through the gardens or sitting in a café to enjoy a cup of coffee. Families can enjoy a leisurely day with something in store for everyone. Kids can play at the playground, while adults can explore the art installations or catch a movie.


Join A Bugis Village Walking Tour

A vibrant and bustling spot, Bugis Village is an area where traditional meets modern. Take a walking tour of the vibrant Bugis Village to explore its culture and history. You'll get to stroll through the vibrant streets and experience the street life – spot murals, see locals selling their wares on the side of the road, and pick up a few souvenirs along the way. 

Plus, you'll learn more about the area's history and culture through your tour guide's commentary. Make sure to stop at the Bugis Junction for a great shopping opportunity or to grab a quick bite before heading to the next stop on tour.


Chinatown or Bugis Street? 

With its mix of culture, street food and entertainment – you won't be disappointed with either! Both districts offer unique shopping experiences, delicious cuisines and diverse cultural attractions. If you are looking for a truly local experience, then make sure to check out the quaint village tour in Bugis. 


However, if it's more of a shopping adventure you're after – then Chinatown is the place to be! No matter your choice, both provide an unforgettable experience in Singapore. Culture and customs in Singapore are not just limited to Chinatown or Bugis Street!


There are plenty of cultural attractions and activities to explore and experience around the city. From visiting the Malay Cultural Centre or embarking on a village tour – there's something for everyone in Singapore! So come, explore and experience all that our beautiful city offers.


Getting to Bugis Street

Getting to the captivating district of Bugis street and basking in the rich history and bustling streets in high-traffic areas is very easy. Nearly all locations in Singapore are accessible through a short train or bus ride. You can even walk from one destination to the other, provided you aren't looking to catch a particular time. 


Here's how to get to Bugis street from Chinatown and Little India by train. 


From Chinatown by MRT

  • Walk to Chinatown MRT Station (NE4 / DT19).
  • Take the Downtown Line towards Bukit Panjang and alight at Bugis Station (5 stops away). It takes approximately 9 minutes.


From Little India by MRT

  • Walk to Little India MRT Station (NE7 / DT12).
  • Take the Downtown Line train towards Expo and alight at Bugis Station which is 2 stops away and takes just about 5 minutes.
  • Train arrives at 5 minutes interval and costs about S$ 0.95


What time does Bugis street open?

Bugis Street is open daily from 9 AM to 10 PM. Some shops and stalls may open earlier and close later, so be sure to check individual shop hours before planning your visit. 

Culture, History, And Heritage In A Vibrant Setting

Bugis street is an eclectic mix of culture, street theatre, food and more. This place has everything from street vendors selling snacks to wet markets offering fresh produce! Whether you're looking for a peaceful afternoon or an exciting night out – Bugis street is the place to be. Experience the street life and visit Bugis street for a unique view of Singapore!


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