Finding Your Cuppa

Appreciating Chinese Tea

There are many steps and tools involved in brewing a good cup of tea. In traditional tea ceremonies, the leaves are savoured for its appearance, aroma, and quality. But for starters, you can simply smell and enjoy the tea’s aroma before sipping it!

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What's Your Personali-Tea?

Take your time to discover different tea leaves and what’s your preferred palette! Common teas served to us are Green Tea, Oolong, Pu Er and more.

If you’re looking for tea with more textured taste, try Long Jing or Tie Guan Yin!

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So Why Drink Tea?

Other than tasting great, tea has its health benefits such as refreshing or detoxifying your body too!

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Did You Know...

High-end tea leaves can cost up to S$1,900 for a single gram! The jaw-dropping price tag can be due to the accessibility of getting these tea leaves – the Da Hong Pao for example, grows on the Wu Yi Mountains and cannot be harvested easily.

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Discover a wide array of tea leaves and the art of tea appreciation with Wang San Yang Tea Merchant.

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