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The Peranakan Tiles Gallery

One of the oldest form of decorative art, the ceramic tile can be dated as far back as 4000 BC. Historically found in ancient temples, monuments and place of worship, these vibrant and geometric shapes adorned buildings and floors from Mesopotamia to Egypt and the Roman Empire.

The owner of Peranakan Tile Gallery, Victor Lim has dedicated most of his life to preserving a piece of Peranakan culture through his collection of antique tiles and heirlooms. .

Also known as the Baba Nyonya, the Peranakans are descendants of Chinese traders who settled in parts of Southeast Asia as early as the 15th century and became a culturally syncretic minority of local and foreign influence. Elements of their colourful culture can be found not only in the food, architecture and vibrant textiles of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, but also in these delicate ornamental ceramic tiles. .

Luckily, some Peranakan tiles still adorn the streets and remaining shophouses of Singapore, most of which are now heritage-protected sites. As for those that have been lose in the drive of development, Victor and a handful of passionate individuals strive to keep their story alive. .